Jennie Kwon Designs

July 11, 2013 Categories: Designer Discovery, Jewel Skinny by 6 Comments

If I had to pick a favorite piece of Jenny Kwon‘s, well, I don’t think I could. I want all of it and I want to wear it all at the same time.

After being a violinist and a corporate lawyer (what an UNDERACHIEVER), Jennie decided to try designing jewelry, and Jennie Kwon Designs was born.

Each piece is hand made in Los Angeles.

Ok I lied. I can pick a favorite. It’s this single curved bar stud. Wantwantwant.



6 Responses to : Jennie Kwon Designs

  1. Jennie says:

    thanks for the lovely write up Jade!

  2. Allura Luna says:

    The curved bar stud is amazing!! Very minimal! I need this in my life

  3. impressive design, lovely and elegant

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