Satellite Paris

June 04, 2013 Categories: Designer Discovery, Jewel Skinny by 1 Comment

A very fly friend of mine asked me if I’d ever heard of Satellite Paris. Not to toot my own horn or nuthin’, but it’s kinda hard to stump me on jewelry. So color me surprised when I realized I hadn’t ever seen this very cool, super funky Parisian jewelry line before. Consider that remedied.


Satellite has a sort of je ne sais quoi, non? Darn you french women and your chicness!! We’re going to steal all of your jewelry!



One Response to : Satellite Paris

  1. Found this brand about 7 years ago in Paris and luved their design. They inspired me to come home and make a necklace using some wonderful mix of purple and green beads. They opened a store in NY, Soho, but weren’t able to make it happen. Glad you brought this to other jewelry lovers attention. Fun to wander around their Paris stores.

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