Marni For H&M

March 01, 2012 Categories: Jewel Skinny, jewelry collaborations by 2 Comments

Marni does such a great job when it comes to fantastical, gorgeous, unique jewelry. For example:

pc/pc /pc

And they did a great job of staying true to that aesthetic for their H&M collection, out March 8.


I’m especially loving the green leafy necklace. It’s such a statement piece! Which is your favorite? Do you plan on snagging any Marni for H&M next week? At prices $49.95 and under, this could be dangerous!


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2 Responses to : Marni For H&M

  1. carla marie says:

    whoa. yep. major statement pcs….assuming gal or guy wearer doesn’t mind hoisting and heaving all this around…eh? a sideways digression, JW, where’s your mention of Todd Reed in your blog???????? check it out hon….

  2. oxinsocks says:

    Yummy, gorgeous colors! Crazy prices!

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