Designer Interview: Made By Lennebelle

Lenneke is the lovely designer behind the Dutch jewelry line Made By Lennebelle. She creates delicate silver jewelry with items from all over the world. Her trademark is the colorful handmade tassel and the oh-so-adorable antique glass tubes her pieces come in. Enjoy the interview!

JewelryWhore: What drew you to the world of jewelry?

MBL: It was actualy serendipity. I found some pretty vintage silver charms at an antique market and loved the handdeyed thread already for ages and wanted to work with it. The combination of the silver and colourfull tassels was the outcome. The antique glass tubes were also a thrift market treasure and that’s how it all came together.

JW: How long have you been designing jewelry?

MBL: Now for 1.5 year. Because of job changes I had some spare time and decided to work on the idea I had for some time.

JW: Did you study jewelry? If so, where?

MBL: Now I wish I did. I studied Hotelmanagement and Interior Architecture & styling in the Netherlands. I have always been creative and love fashion, interior design, graphic design, it was just by chance I ended up designing jewelry. I would love to do a Gold smith course to work out more ideas.

JW: What is your most treasured piece of jewelry (that you did not create)?

MBL: My ring with sweet water pearls, my earrings by Isabel Marant and Eva Schreuder and the watch my sister gave me for my 30th birthday.

JW: What’s your favorite piece you’ve created?

MBL: At the moment I adore the multi tassel bracelets because the colour combinations are infinite and the braided necklace with feather. But I think I wore the owl and pinecone necklace the most since I started making my own jewelry.

Lenneke's studio

JW: What kind of woman do you design jewelry for?

MBL: Made by lennebelle has a very distinctive and recognizable style. I think women who will buy my jewerly are strong, independant and colourfull women with an eye for detail and ‘joie de vivre’.

JW: Are you inspired by other designers?

MBL: Yes I am. I love to see what other designers make and admire the ones that know how to work as a smith like Eva Schreuder and Twiklebird. And at this moment I really like the edgy and ethnic jewelry with crystals. Recently I started out an Exchange project via my blog with other designers. Appreciating each others work and because it’s nice to trade instead of buying and you also can promote each others work. I am also inspired by my travels to Asia and South America, the colours, the charms and jewelry they wear is amazing.

JW: Are you inspired by a specific era?

MBL: Because the necklaces are sold in antique glass tube it has a vintage look but I am not really inspired by a specific era.

JW: What do you think of Chanel’s famous quote “always take one thing off before leaving the house”?

MBL: I think it depends. I like my outfits simple,…taking one thing off will look weird going outside ;-) {JW Note – ok, that’s hilarious. :) }

Lenneke's studio

JW: What 3 words would you use to describe Made by Lennebelle jewelry?

MBL: Colourfull, feminine and delicate

JW: What do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

MBL: The future looks gold! I would love to see the simple tassel bracelet and necklace in gold vermeil soon. I think it will look great. And I am working on a collaboration with Anthropologie! Which is very exciting! {JW Note – Too cool!!}

JW: Where can we find your jewelry online?


Thanks so much, Lenneke!

I hope you guys liked the interview. Made by Lennebelle is so cute I can hardly stand it!


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